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The Finest Flower Bouquets for Delivery in Hong Kong: Discover Our Shop's Best Floral Arrangements

Snapdragon Bouquet with 10 Mix Color Snapgragon in Pink, Orange, White or Red. Seasonal Flowers in a classical clear vase, Please Place the order two ..
HK$728.00 HK$708.00
Hyacinth Flowers Bouquet
-36 %
A Seasonal Hyacinth Flowers Bouquet with different color for special one you love, please place your order two days in advance to make sure that we ca..
HK$1,378.00 HK$878.00
Bird Paradise with Roses Bouquet
-16 %
A Bunch with Six Red Roses and Six White Roses with a Bird Paradise beautifully wrapped in a Green papers..
HK$1,078.00 HK$908.00
Two Dozen, 24pcs Deep Red Color Roses Bouquet with filler, beautifully wrapped with brown and red papers...
HK$878.00 HK$827.00
12 Long Stem Premium Roses Wrapped Vase Bouquet
Hot -12 %
Elevate your gifting game with our stunning bouquet of one dozen red roses elegantly arranged in a clear glass vase. This exquisite floral ensemble ca..
HK$808.00 HK$708.00
Five pieces of White color lilies bouquet, send pure white flowers to someone u love..
HK$728.00 HK$678.00
Birthday Balloons and Flowers Package
-18 %
A bunch of eighteen roses bouquet with a Helium Birthday balloons for her should be a beat package for her birthday..
HK$1,127.00 HK$928.00
The Yellow Sienna
-19 %
Yellow Sienna contain 20 Yellow Rose, 10 billy button and yellow flowers beautifully wrapped in light white color papers..
HK$1,328.00 HK$1,078.00
Introducing our simple yet elegant bouquet featuring half a dozen red roses, perfect for any occasion. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, ..
HK$566.00 HK$516.00
My Calla Lily
New -14 %
Ten Calla Lily in Yellow color from New Zeland, Fresh,  Simple and Elegant. Calla Lily from New Zeland can keep more than one week under good care. T..
HK$1,408.00 HK$1,208.00
Mixed Chrysanthemum and Gerbera Bouquet..
HK$708.00 HK$678.00